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Don't just send sympathy... 


Send a Memory. 

Why RememberGrams?

Take a moment to watch a quick word from our founder explaining why RememberGrams was created. 


RememberGrams are designed to be unique and conjure special memories for the recipient.  We want to help you find the perfect fit.  Custom designs to meet your needs are always an option.  

It is an honor to be a curator and messenger for your memories. 


Memories are little gifts we carry within us.  We want to help you bring those gifts to others.  The concept is simple yet unique.  A modern twist on sympathy cards, fully personalized and meant for anytime- not only immediately after a death.  


Soon after a death, we often feel at a loss of how we can help the family.  Our memory packages are a unique option to bring comfort throughout the first year of grief.  With the purchase of a package, family and friends can submit memories and photos. We will curate them and send them to the family monthly for one year. 


We all want a little something extra from time to time.  We have canvas wraps, calendars, and more to help keep a loved one close all year long.  Treat yourself or send as a gift.  

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A place to honor those who have passed away by continuing to share their memories and stories, and to provide comfort and support to the families and loved ones who miss them.  Moving beyond traditional sympathy cards and societal norms to encourage more dialogue, acknowledgement, and acceptance of grief and loss. 
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