More than a Sympathy card.  

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Customizable Options for Your Unique RememberGram

These elements can help you to create something personalized and special for your recipient.  


We all know it is hard to find the right words to acknowledge someone's grief.  "I am so sorry for your loss" is a phrase people hear again and again.  Consider sharing a story of their loved one in place of these common platitudes.  This does not have to be long or a standout memory.  It can be something small like a time they made you laugh or a kind gesture you remember them making.  These memories are moments of the life they lived and the impact it left on you is something incredibly special to be shared with their loved one.  


In the digital age we all have thousands of pictures stored and forgotten on our phones and other devices.  Take a few moments to find one of the person who is gone and simply upload it to include in your RememberGram.  Photos of our loved ones who are gone are treasures, and seeing a photo we haven't seen before is an incredible gift.  You will have the option of uploading one or more photos depending on the RememberGram you choose.  You can even upload a photo of your loved one's handwriting to be incorporated into the card. 


If you have a short video clip of the person you are remembering, you can include this in your printed RememberGram and give the recipient the experience of seeing and hearing their loved one again.  With the advent of "Live" photos on the iphone, you can even create a video clip from the live photo (see blog post about how to convert these).  Once you know what video you would like to use, you simply upload it and we create a personal QR code that will be printed in the final product with instructions to your recipient.   


If you are looking to add a gift along with your RememberGram, we have options for you to choose from.   A canvas photo, a year of photos and/or memories printed in a calendar, journals, bookmarks and more.  These have all been carefully chosen by our team as things that can bring comfort to someone who is grieving.  


Real memories and stories


Easily upload one or more photos 


Easily Upload a Video Clip


Use our pre-made designs to save you time 


Create from your phone or computer, no more browsing the aisles at the store  


We take care of all the printing and shipping needs for you 


Stories are powerful.  

As kind as a card is, they are generic and often not looked at again.  By sharing a memory, by including visuals like photos and videos, you are gifting your recipient with so much more.  You are acknowledging their loss, regardless of how long it has been.  You are reminding them that their loved one matters.  You are giving them a piece to the puzzle of their life.  We can never know all of the stories, all of the pieces of our loved ones life, but each memory shared adds to the legacy they keep in our hearts.  When someone dies, they live on every time they are remembered or talked about.  In a society that is so uncomfortable with grief and loss, we must push back and acknowledge this universal experience.  Give comfort and love to someone by continuing to share the stories and say the name of the person they have lost.  
Personalize with memories, pictures and videos
Keep their memory alive
Make someone's day with this random act of kindness. 
Create something quickly and easily
Have it sent in the mail as a keepsake

We might be biased, but we think RememberGrams are pretty special. 


A place to honor those who have passed away by continuing to share their memories and stories, and to provide comfort and support to the families and loved ones who miss them.  Moving beyond traditional sympathy cards and societal norms to encourage more dialogue, acknowledgement, and acceptance of grief and loss. 
© RememberGrams

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