A Closer Look at RememberGrams

Each loss is unique.  How we remember those who have passed away can be just as personal.  Browse this page for tips and ideas on creating your personalized RememberGram.  


Our lives are made up of so many little moments, it is often not until someone is gone that we see the value in some of these memories. The music that makes us think of someone, the inside jokes we shared, or small acts of kindness we witnessed them do for someone else.  For those who are grieving or missing that person, your simple memory can feel like an incredible gift.  We encourage creators to share something specific you remember about that person with your recipient, making the gift of the RememberGram even more special.  


We have all heard this old adage.  After a loss, it is even more poignant.  There are only so many photos of our loved ones out there in the universe.  Each one is a gift.  In this digital age, it is even more common for old photos to get lost in the abyss of social media and electronics.  RememberGrams give you the opportunity to look back at photos of the person who has passed away and share them with your recipient in a printed form as a keepsake. 

Do you have an old letter or card with their handwriting on it?  You can also upload their writing with a photo and we can incorporate it into your card however you would like.


Even more powerful then the photos you can share with your recipient are videos.  They can be small clips where you hear them laugh or hear their voice, or even just a live iphone photo that is converted to video where you catch a few precious moments of sound and movement.  If you don't have any old video clips, you can create a collage of photos and set it to music.  Any of these can be included in your RememberGram.  You will upload them and we create a unique QR code for your recipient. The code will be printed in the card with instructions so they can open the video from their phone. 

Simple, Quick, and Meaningful

RememberGrams are more personal and meaningful than any store bought card you can find, and they can be made within minutes.

Send Comfort.

For less time then it will take to find a generic card, write your message, find a stamp and mail it out; you can create a more personalized and heartfelt gift in minutes.  Use your time remembering the person who has passed away, writing your message with a special memory and include some photos or a video; and allow us to take care of the printing and shipping for you. 
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What you want your RememberGram to say is completely up to you.  We recommend trying to share a specific memory of the person who has passed away if possible, but it is also nice to just send a message telling your recipient that you care and that you recognize their loss as an important part of their life. 


Take a few moments to search your camera roll or social media accounts.  We often have old photos hidden away that would be incredibly special to someone by including in a RememberGram to be printed and mailed to their home. 


There is nothing quite like the sound of your loved one's voice or laughter after they are gone.  If you possess one of these gems in a video, you can include it in your RememberGram.  You will upload the video and we will create a custom QR code that will be printed in your card with instructions.  It will have a custom link taking your recipient directly to their video.  
Did you know we can even include someone's handwriting if you have a clear photo of it?  How about art work or doodles from that person?  We can customize your RememberGrams with just about anything! Message us for help with something unique.  

Memories. Photos. Video.

A RememberGram is yours to create and make as special and unique as the person you are remembering. 


Choose from a variety of templates or have us help create a custom design just for you.  


Type out your message and upload any photos or video that will be included in your RememberGram. 


Create an account so you can follow the progress of your order, check out and then let us do the rest!  Just sit back and wait for your recipient to call you and let you know what they think. 

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A place to honor those who have passed away by continuing to share their memories and stories, and to provide comfort and support to the families and loved ones who miss them.  Moving beyond traditional sympathy cards and societal norms to encourage more dialogue, acknowledgement, and acceptance of grief and loss. 
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