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About Us
 When it comes to business, bigger isn't always better.  We are a small business with a big heart. Memories are personal, and as a small business we can give the care and attention needed to help you share those memories. We recognize the value in your stories and the joy and comfort you hope to give your recipient. We consider it an honor to help contribute to someone's healing, to carry on the memories of someone who has passed away, and to help share the stories you carry in your heart.   

To learn more about how and why RememberGrams was created, watch the video of founder Amanda Kernahan and check out our blog.  


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The Story Behind RememberGrams

After a loss, we can build a house made entirely from store bought generic sympathy cards.  They are given with love but most have the same message. Looking back on my own grief, these cards were not where I found solace.  

I lost my mom suddenly in my twenties, and my youngest brother suddenly when he was 23.  I have grieved for them both in deep and different ways.  What I started to realize is that the most meaningful moments after these losses were the random times that someone would share a story about them with me.  When I would get a random text with a photo I had never seen or a short video clip that had been lost in the archives of their phone.  These small messages were monumental to me.  They were tiny pieces of what had been lost.  It was the recognition of the joy and comfort these stories gave me that inspired me to create this space to encourage and foster the sharing of memories. 

Grief needs to be witnessed. People deserve to be remembered.  Together we can do both.  

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A place to honor those who have passed away by continuing to share their memories and stories, and to provide comfort and support to the families and loved ones who miss them.  Moving beyond traditional sympathy cards and societal norms to encourage more dialogue, acknowledgement, and acceptance of grief and loss. 
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