April 21, 2021

How to Convert iPhone Live Photos to Video (and why it is so Amazing)

I'm not sure who needs to know this, but learning how to convert iPhone live photos to video has been one of my favorite tricks I have learned when it comes to using my iPhone.

I don’t remember where or when I learned this could be done, but once I knew, I went back and found every photo I had taken of my brother James on my iPhone to see if it was taken in “Live” mode and converted them to videos.  The clips are so short but just seeing him move is incredible.  He goes from a photo of a person no longer here, still and frozen in time, to a person moving… a flicker of his smile changing, a few steps, a chuckle.  In those short clips, he is not still; he is REAL and alive.  He is real, and he is missed.  

If you have any photos taken in “live” mode that you would like to convert into video clips, it is easy.  And once you have the video, make sure to turn up your volume and see what sounds you captured.  You may find that you captured a laugh or a voice that you haven’t heard in a long time.  

  • Find your Live Photo on your iPhone.  You can tell if a photo was taken in live mode by looking in the upper left-hand corner of the photo.  You should see some circles and the word “LIVE.”
  • Below the photo, click on the Share button (as if you were going to text this photo to someone).  You will see options listed such as “Copy Photo” or “Add to Shared Album”; keep scrolling until you see “Save as Video.”  Then go ahead and click that.
  • Now you have not only a photo, but a video as well!  Enjoy your video clip, and remember to have your volume on to see what you captured! 

Live Photo to Video of James

Did you know that RememberGrams can include a video?  If you have a video you love, even if it is one of these very short clips from a Live Photo, you can upload them and include them in the RememberGram you are sending.  We create a unique QR code that will be printed inside your card with easy-to-follow instructions for your recipient.  


I would love to know your experiences with converting live photos to videos.  Let me know in the comments if you discovered anything special! 

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