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Onyx and Sunstone Healing Bracelet



Our Black Onyx and Sunstone Healing Bracelet are so beautiful you may want one for yourself as well as one for your recipient!

Black Onyx works with your Root Chakra and is the stone of endurance.  In spirituality, "dusk" is seen as the moment in time where darkness finally gives into the light.  Black Onyx holds the energy of dusk deep within the core of the stone, bringing a sense of grounding and strength.  This stone is beneficial when navigating grief as it helps to mourn, grieve, release, and accept.

Sunstone works with your solar plexus and is the stone of new beginnings, bringing promise and optimism.  By harnessing the fiery energy of the sun, this stone will offer mental clarity while helping you balance your emotions. Soak up the warm energy of Sunstone and let it sink deep down to the root of your being. This stone will help with the heavy feelings of depression, fear, and stress.

Together, the warmth of Sunstone aids with depression while Black Onyx brings out the inner strength needed during grief.


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