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Mini Custom Support Box



In our Mini Custom Support Box, you can send someone who is grieving a tiny box with a big impact.

Each box includes:

-One of our completely custom cards, you can share with us what you know of the person who passed away (what hobbies they enjoyed, things that they loved or were important to them) and we will design a card that encompasses who they were to make it even more special to the recipient. If you have photos of that person you will be able to upload those to be used in design. We will draft several designs and let you choose your favorite before going to print. You can also personalize your message for inside of the card.

- A mini journal that says "Love Remains" on the front

A small Grief Survival Kit which includes travel-size tissues, Advil for headaches, 2 Stress-Relief Tea bags, a packet of Emergen-C vitamin C mix, and some chocolate.


A place to honor those who have passed away by continuing to share their memories and stories, and to provide comfort and support to the families and loved ones who miss them.  Moving beyond traditional sympathy cards and societal norms to encourage more dialogue, acknowledgement, and acceptance of grief and loss. 
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